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RF Broadband High Power Amplifiers KB0001003M53A

RF Broadband High Power Amplifiers KB0001003M53A

Model No. : KB0001003M53A

KeyLink's rf broadband power amplifier KB0001003M53A is operating between 1 - 30MHz with output power 200W. Our rf broadband amplifiers can cover frequencies from 1 MHz to 18 GHz and output power up to over 500W.

Start : 1.5 MHz Stop : 30 MHz Pout : 200 Watts Gain : 53 dB Voltage : 28 V Current : 20 Amp Mode : CW Size : 200x150x30 mm

KeyLink's broadband high power amplifiers are available for operating frequencies from 1 MHz to 18 GHz. Power levels for octave and multi-octave designs range from 2 watts to over 500 watts. Based on state-of-the-art GaN, GaAs, LDMOS power devices and MMICs, KeyLink designs and manufactures SSPA(solid state power amplifiers ) with excellent performance in terms of high efficiency over ultra-wide working band, high reliability and ruggedness.

Features of KeyLink's high power amplifiers make them suitable for a variety of application fields including jamming, communication, test and radar systems where smaller size, less power consuming, cooling, high output power are required.