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RF power amplifier testing
Updated : 2022-10-10

RF power amplifiers are an essential part of any RF design. These crucial components take a low-level RF signal and boosts its power, without adding any change to format, modulation, or other factors.

Solid State Power Amplifier Systems of KeyLink
Updated : 2022-09-19

Solid state power amplifier system is a electronic amplifier which using solid state devices including GaN, GaAs, LDMOS and bipolar device technologies for jamming, test and measurement, communication, radar and other rf and microwave industry. 

GaN Amplifiers - Gallium Nitride technology
Updated : 2022-09-19

A complete of GaN amplifiers from KeyLink offer excellent performance. Our GaN RF power amplifiers rang in output power from 2 - 200 watts with microprocessor based designs that incorporate an adaptive biasing algorithm to optimize efficiency and output power across the frequency band under varying load conditions.

What are RF amplifiers used for?
Updated : 2022-09-19

RF amplifiers stand for radio frequency amplifiers, which usually are used to amplify a low-power RF signal into a higher power signal from a few MHz to the multi-GHz range.

What does an RF power amplifier do?
Updated : 2022-09-19

The RF power amplifier is an important part of all kinds of wireless transmitters. In the front-end circuit of the transmitter, the power of the RF signal generated by the modulation oscillator circuit is very small, and it needs to go through a series of amplification.

RF Wideband Amplifier Subsystem KB0727S52A - 700MHz to 2700MHz 150Watts
Updated : 2022-05-17

The RF wideband amplifier subsystem KB0727S52A from KeyLink Microwave is a rack-mountable unit incorporating a universal voltage power supply and a built-in forced air-cooling amplifier system. This wideband amplifier subsystem operates from 700 MHz to 2700 MHz. It can handle an input power of up to 150 W and has a 50 ohm input/output impedance. 

2GHz to 6GHz 20Watts GaN wideband power amplifier KB2060M43B
Updated : 2022-05-13

RF solid state power amplifier, which is basically the positive feedback system in our RF system, is generally located on the transmission chain. Considering the link attenuation of wireless transmission, the transmitter needs to radiate enough power to obtain a relatively long communication distance. Therefore, the radio frequency amplifier is mainly responsible fo...

We are proud to celebrate the 20th Anniversary Sale!
Updated : 2022-04-28

Come and join us to share the joy of success! To better payback customers' continuous support and trust, we are providing special offer for all regular-priced COTS RF amplifiers, some even up to 40% off. Awesome Anniversary deals will run from May 5th to May 31st, 2022. So, mark these dates on your calendars!

Classes of Power Amplifier
Updated : 2022-04-15

Amplifiers are an essential component in RF and RF systems which can be divided into low noise amplifiers, high gain amplifiers, medium power amplifiers and high power amplifiers. It can be classified into class A, AB, B, C according to their construction and operating characteristics.

KeyLink's Achievements and Innovation in RF Amplifiers Industry
Updated : 2022-03-11

Over the past year, KeyLink Microwave has made some achievements in the microwave and RF power amplifiers industry.