Rack-Mountable Power Amplifier
Keylink Microwave provides ultra-broadband power amplifier systems in rack-mounted configuration with output power capacity from 50-Watt to 2000-Watt for applications including EMC testing, communications, and TWT replacement. 
Broadband High Power Amplifier
KeyLinks high power broadband amplifiers are available for operating frequencies from 1 MHz to 18 GHz. Power levels for octave and multi-octave designs range from 2 watt to over 500 watts. 
Low Noise Amplifier
KeyLink's low noise amplifiers typically exhibit noise figures below 5.5dB and output 1dB compression points up 8dBm. These amplifiers are economical choices for general purpose applications.
400W/1000W Transmitter
The 400/1000W communication transmitter is designed with zero intermediate frequency technology, baseband predistortion technology, wideband power amplification synthesis technology, automatic power control technology, etc., and completes functions such as power amplification and transmission and reception switching. The transmitter can be directly matched to the wideband antenna and can also be used with an antenna tuner to interface with a narrowband antenna. The transmitter can be fixed, on-board or on-board, and can provide command and communication support for operations such as rescue and disaster relief.
2kW/3kW Transmitter
The 2kW/3kW jamming transmitter is designed with broadband power amplification technology and power synthesis technology, etc., and its performance is stable and reliable. The 2kW jamming transmitter can be directly matched to the broadband antenna or matched with a narrowband antenna via a 2kW antenna tuner. 2kW/3kW jamming transmitters can be used to fix high frequency broadcast jamming stations and high frequency ultra-high power jamming systems, etc.
10kW/20kW Transmitter
Amplified transmitting for radar detection, communication and interference signals. And it can switch between three kinds of signals to realize integrated transmitting of radar detection, communication and jamming. The transmitter can be used in fixed place or vehicle.
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Since the inception in 2002, KeyLink Microwave has been devoted to designing, developing and manufacturing RF and microwave power amplifiers modules, components, assemblies and subsystems. As a high-tech enterprise, KeyLink has continued to advance microwave and RF technology to supply many critical solutions and products for radar, jamming, communication...
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