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About Keylink

Founded in 2002, KeyLink Microwave has been devoted to manufacturing RF and microwave power amplifiers modules & subsystems and other RF components. With its own 56,500 square feet' manufacturing base in Chengdu, China, KeyLink provides the most stable ready-to-ship COT's RF amplifiers and the most technologically advanced OEM solutions for radar, jamming, communication system, test and measurement, and other commercial and industrial market. Our powerful production facility and ISO 9001 management system ensures faster lead time, more competitive cost and better performance. Operating globally with annual 30% growth, KeyLink has been the preferred supplier in the worldwide RF power amplifier industry.

To better serve overseas market, Keylink Microwave set up a wholly-owned subsidiary Keylink Wireless in 2019 in the same building.

Keylink's Facility and R&D Team

1) Wholly-owned subsidiary: Chengdu Keylink Wireless Technology Co, Ltd.
2) Self-owned 50,000 square feet state-of-the-art facility.
3) More than 7,500 square feet Class 100,000 clean room for MCM.
4) An area of 5,400 square feet lab, with high-tech RF and Microwave equipment.
5) Production capacity of 3000pcs RF Power Amplifier modules per month.
6) Specialized R&D team of 50 SSPA experts.
7) Strict Quality Control Systems ISO 9001 guarantees the stable quality and product longevity.
8) The most technologically advanced COT's RF power amplifiers guarantee more stable quality and faster lead time even ready to ship.

About Keylink


All our products are with 1-3 years' warranty accordingly. Services are always available even the items are out of warranty status.

Any item requiring service, just contact our service department at info@keylinkmw.com for a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number.

Keylink Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

We have a professional QC team of 18 technicians who effectively and strictly control all internal processes during the manufacturing. Our premium quality comes from advanced core circuit design, massive signal modeling simulation design, auto test software, BGA, SMT, wire bond process, automatic production line, premium and superior instruments & equipment, and complete quality assurance system.

All of our RF power amplifiers and microwave component are rigorous inspected before delivery with the testing procedures:
1) Eight hours' burn-in testing
2) Automated network analysis and spectrum analysis
3) High/Low temperature chamber testing
4) Highly Accelerated Stress Screen (HASS)

We have designed a visualized manufacturing traceability system to ensure every batch and every item can be tracked back to a specific production run or cycle time. Even the returned defective material from customers can be easily predicted the causes and get fast repaired.

Keylink is also proud to have the automatic test platform and smart data analysis software, that greatly reduce the manual error and ensure fast and precise screening.


Keylink Microwave is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified manufacturer. All stages of our designing, manufacturing and inspection work are implemented strictly on ISO 9001 quality system standard to assure you of consistent and reliable products.

We are also an eco-friendly RF Power Amplifier manufacturer with ISO 14001 as our conduct basis.

All our RF power amplifier and microwave components have passed the CE certificate.

Keylink ISO Certification
ISO Certification
Keylink CE Certification
CE Certification
Keylink RoHS Certification
RoHS Certification
Keylink IQnet and CQC
IQnet and CQC

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