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The role of 5G in the microwave industry

May. 07, 2020

5G Era is producing a new scene of the interconnection of all things and extending people's imagination about the future digital world. As the next generation of communication infrastructure, the information highway paved by 5G technology will drive the diverse applications. Compared with 4G, the transmission rate of 5G is increased by 10 to 100 times, the peak rate reaches 10Gbps (Gigabits per second), and the delay is 1ms, which can achievea massive connection of 1 million per square kilometer. In the future, 5G is planned to be firstly applied in five major industries, including ultra-high-broadband personal consumption, Internet of vehicles, remote control, industrial Internet and smart cities, realizing the connection of people, Internetand things.

Microwave transmission, with its high reliability, low delay and fast recovery, will play an important role in accelerating the promotion of 5G technology. Inorder to meet the growing demand for 5G capacity, new microwave solutions that optimize spectrum usage and significantly increase capacity havecome out(more will be launched in the future): multiple bands are used for carrier aggregation on the same link, a more powerful and efficient rf power amplifier uses a wider channel, and the availability of millimeter wave spectrum meets the key requirements of future network solutions. For example, combining the E-band with the traditional 6-42 GHz microwave frequency band enables a longer distance transmission, while maintaining high availability for the most valuable communication.

Looking ahead, with the commercialization of 5G, unprecedented development opportunities will be opened in the microwave industry.

The role of 5G in the microwave industry


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