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The Hazards of Harmonics

Apr. 29, 2020

As we know, in the production of rf amplifiers, the less harmonics, the better the quality of our rf power amplifier products. The hazards of harmonics are as follows:

  1.  Harmonics would cause additional harmonic losses in the components of the utility network and reduce the efficiency of power generation and transmission as well as electrical equipment. 

  2.  Harmonics could affect the normal operation of all sorts of electrical equipment. The influence of harmonics on the motor not only causes additional losses, but also produces mechanical vibration, noise and overvoltage, which make the transformer overheated. Besides, harmonics can also cause overheat, aging insulation, loss of life and even damage to the capacitors, cables and other equipment.

  3.  Harmonics will cause local parallel resonance and series resonance in the public power grid, thus amplifying harmonics.

  4.  Harmonics will interfere the neighboring communication system, producing noise and reducing communication quality. What is worse, the communication system can not work properly.

The Hazards of Harmonics


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