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The Advantages of GaAs

Dec. 04, 2019

GaAs has some better electronics than Si, allowing GaAs to be used at speeds greater than 250 GHz. If the equivalent GaAs and Si components operate simultaneously at high frequencies, the GaAs produces less noise. Also because GaAs has a high breakdown pressure, GaAs is better suited to operate a thigh power than the same Si components. Because of these characteristics, GaAs circuits can be used in mobile phones, satellite communications,microwave point-to-point connections, radar systems, and more. GaAs was used to make gann diodes, microwave diodes and gunn diodes to emit microwaves.

Another advantage of GaAs: it is a material with a direct energy gap, so it can be used for luminescence. Si, on the other hand, is a material with anindirect energy gap that emits very little light. (however, recent technology has made it possible to make leds from Si and use them in lasers.)

The Advantages of GaAs


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