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Narrowband power amplifier module KN2650M52A

Aug. 19, 2016

Keylink Microwave is pleased to introduce the rf amplifier KN2650M52A, which has many key features:

  • Broadband & High power

  • High Efficiency

  • Great Linearity

  • Extraordinary Harmonic Control

  • Smaller Size and Lighter Weight

  • Low Distortion

The KN2650M52A is suitable for multi octave narrowband high power RF linear applications. This compact module utilizes advanced high power LDMOS devices that provide excellent power density, highefficiency, wide dynamic range and low distortions. Exceptional performance, long term reliability and high efficiency are achieved by employing advanced broadband RF matching networks and combining techniques, EMI/RFI filters, machined housings and qualified components. Keylink's ISO9001 Quality Assurance Program assures consistent performance and the highest reliability.


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