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Let us know more about Shenzhou11

Oct. 17, 2016

The main space mission of Shenzhou11:

1. Provide personnel and space transportation services for the Tiangong2's space laboratory operations in orbit, test space station rendezvous and docking and manned spacecraft return technology.

2. Dock with Tiangong2's space laboratory to form the combination, test the supportability of the combination for astronaut's life, work and health and tese astronaut's ability to perform flight mission.

3. Develop space medicine experiments, space science experiments, on orbit maintenance and other technical tests, and develop popular science activities.

what are the new technologies of Shenzhou11?

1. Adjust the orbit control strategy and flight program to meet the requirements of this mission.

2. Equipped with new communication terminal equipment, in order to further improve the safety reliability.

3. Update and upgrade the rendezvous measurement equipment to meet the long-life time requirements of the future space station rendezvous measurement equipment.

More information about Shenzhou11 can be found at www.cmse.gov.cn

Let us know more about Shenzhou11

Let us know more about Shenzhou11


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