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How do we prevent Covid-19 virus?

Mar. 25, 2020

Since the beginning of February, we have been back to work. How do we protect our employees from being infected by Covid-19 virus?

  • Take a daily temperature test and make a record

  • Provide safe and reliable masks and alcohol disinfectant for everyone

  • Keep indoor ventilation and disinfect regularly

  • Cancel all kinds of meetings and advocate communication at an appropriate distance

  • Take the stairs instead of the lift and reduce direct contact.

  • Encourage walking, cycling or driving (carpooling) to and from work, and making less use of public transport.


Recently preliminary results in preventing and controlling the epidemic have been achieved in China. We would like to conveyconfidence and strength to our foreign friends who are suffering from COVID-19.

When people are determined, they can overcome anything.

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