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EMC product design process

Jun. 24, 2020

The design of EMC products mainly goes through several stages, including overall specification scheme design, detailed design, schematic design, PCBA design, prototype design and assembly, laboratory preliminary testing, third-party laboratory certification. During the R&D and design stage, EMC issues were not considered. After the product prototype was assembled and tested in the laboratory, the EMC test was conducted. If problems were found, the test could not be passed and the certification requirements could not be met. Rectification and changes to product PCBA and schematic diagrams will often involve major changes, such as the image product cycle and schedule.

Based on this test, there are many EMC problems at this stage, such as radiation, static electricity, conduction, and surge. Some because shielding problems often involve structural problems, interface filtering problems will change the schematic diagram, redesign PCBA, and may also be adjusted and redesigned because of system grounding problems.

This kind of problem found in the later stage of R&D testing and then testing and repairing the product is more common, but the product invests more in solving the EMC problem. Electromagnetic compatibility design is of great significance to product research and development. According to the characteristics of the product, a series of EMC design specifications are formulated to guide product development and production. Preventing trouble before it happens is the only way for product development in the future and now.


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