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Conventional Weather Radar

Oct. 16, 2019

With the improvement and development of weather radar exploration technology, weather radar is playing an increasingly importantrole in the field of aviation.

Modern weather radar can not only explore weather disasters such as thunderstorms, strong winds and clouds, but also effectively detect and early warn factors that seriously affect navigation safety, such as wind shear, turbulence and bird strike hazards.

Let's Talk About Conventional Weather Radar

Especially the C-band conventional weather radar is capable of real-time monitoring of small and medium-sized scale storms, hailstorms, severe convection weather and other disasters. Data of various meteorological products generated can be transmitted throughthe network.

And it is basically composed of antenna/servo system, transmitter, receiver, signal processor, system control software, weather product software and communication part. It is capable of self-inspection, calibration and fault display.

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