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Important Notice I

Jul. 01, 2021

Dear Friends,

This is to notify you that Keylink is changing the bank information from Keylink  Microwave into Keylink Wireless.

To better serve overseas market, Keylink has started a wholly-owned subsidiary specially for overseas market.

  1. Two companies work in the same building, rf power amplifier modules  and rf amplifier systems quality standard are the same.

  2.  Designers and QC team we share with mother company.

  3.  Production and Assembly lines are separated:

  1) Subsidiary-Keylink Wireless with faster delivery time and optional RoHs & Reach standard.

  2) Mother company-KeyLink Microwave will be mainly for domestic market, slower delivery for overseas market, no lines meet RoHs or Reach standard.

  4. Financial & logistic department separated:

  1) Subsidiary-Keylink Wireless is more special in dealing with international payment and customs declaration & international shipping.  

  2) Mother company-KeyLink Microwave will focus more on domestic market.

  5. Attached pls find the Authorization Letter to verify that you are still working with the same supplier safely.

Any comments, pls feel free to contact our manager Hannah Gao via:

 1) Email: sales@keylinkmw.com

 2) Tel.: +86-28-87870761

 3) Cel.: +86-18109037151


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