Linear High Efficiency Power Amplifiers
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Linear High Efficiency Power Amplifiers

Linear High Efficiency Power Amplifiers

KeyLink's high efficiency linear power amplifiers are available for operating frequencies from 1MHz to 1 GHz with output power from 1 to 100 watts. Combined with linear design, these linear power amplifiers provide ultra low distortion, suitable for multi-band, multi-mode communication applications. With built-in monitor circuits, Keylink's power amplifier assure consistent performance in terms of reliability. 

KeyLink's aluminum finned heatsink specially is designed to match our RF power amplifier module for heat dissipation. For better cooling effect, the heatsink usually integrates with two cooling fans as a cooling system. You can choose the heatsink with fans or without fans accordingly. Keylink’s heatsink is widely used for the RF power amplifier.

Model No.DC power supply (V)DC current (A)Weight (kg)Dimension(mm)Datasheet


Frequency (MHz):

Output Power (W):

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