Professional C-Band Class A 5G High Efficiency RF Power Amplifie

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KeyLink Microwave C-Band Class A Power Amplifier (SSPA) KB5054M47B is winning great reputation in the market with its great linearity and excellent power performance.

KB5054M47B is a GaAs Linear power amplifier operating in the 5.0 to 5.4GHz frequency range with minimum 50Watt P1dB power output. The PA features 48 dB of power gain with input and output return losses of 10 dB respectively. The power efficiency is up to 20%. All the features enable it to be used in the applications requiring efficiency along with linearity.

Solid-state Class A linear design
Small size and lightweight
Built-in control monitoring & protection circuits
50 ohm input/output impedance
Built in Output Isolator
High reliability and ruggedness
Fast switch speed

Typical Application:

Cellular GSM repeaters

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