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Founded in 2002, KeyLink Microwave has been devoted to manufacturing RF and microwave power amplifiers modules & subsystems and other RF components. With its own 50,000 square feet' manufacturing base in Chengdu, China, KeyLink provides the most stable ready-to-ship COT's RF amplifiers and the most technologically advanced OEM solutions for radar, jamming, communication system, test and measurement, and other commercial and industrial market. Our powerfully production facility and ISO 9001 management system ensures faster lead time, more competitive cost and better performance. Operating globally with annual 30% growth, KeyLink has been the preferred supplier in the worldwide RF power amplifier industry.


Frequency (MHz):

Output Power (W):

Broadband High Power Amplifiers

Narrowband Power Amplifiers

High Power Pulsed Amplifiers

Linear High Efficiency Power Amplifiers

Low Noise Amplifiers

Limiting Amplifiers

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