Is millimeter wave the major character in 5G late-stage trials?

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Recently, MIIT(Ministry of industry and information technology)approved 4.8-5.0GHz, 24.75-27.5, GHz and 37-42.5GHz band for our 5G technology research and development test. In addition to the middle and low frequency 4.8-5.0GHz, which MIIT approved before, the 8.25GHz millimeter wave is approved.Which means the millimeter will take part in 5G.
Why choose the 8.25GHz millimeter wave frequency between 24.75 to 27.5GHz and 37 to 42.5GHz?
Wang Zhiqin, the vice chairman of IMT-2020(5G) promote group,said in a public speech, the 20GHz-40GHz has priority for pre-commecial in high frequency communication, in the meantime, 26GHz and 28GHz, 38GHz and 42GHz can use the same set of RF device, which can be more likely to achieve globe harmonization.
Recently, the. Canadian Ministry of innovation, science and economic development (ISED) is preparing to use the 28 GHz band, the 37-40 GHz band, and the 64-71 GHz band for the 5G system.Coincidentally, the RSPG also believe that the frequency beyond 24GHz has potential value. Because 24.25GHz  to 27 GHz has large bandwidth more than 3GHz,  so the 24.5GHz to 27.5GHz has priority in the early deployment of 5G. At the same time,South Korea and the United States have used the frequency beyond 28GHz in high frequency 5G development, and Japan will also take the 28 GHz as the main alternative frequency for launching 5G services.
It is worth mentioning that, in the WRC-19 1.13 issue, in the 11 candidate frequency of 5G from 24.25GHz-86GHz, 24.25GHz-27.5GHz has become more unified international opinion and research the most concentrated frequency band because it's lower frequency and wilder band.

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